Outback Spirit is proudly made by Robins Foods Pty Ltd.

Robins Foods is a 100% Australian owned company and a real family business.


Ian and Juleigh Robins

Ian and Juleigh Robins and have been making great food for 30 years in restaurants, catering businesses and in food manufacturing. Ian and Juleigh are recognised pioneers of the Australian native food industry and have been at the forefront since its inception in 1986. They established Robins Foods in 1997. Ian and Juleigh’s vision is to bring Indigenous foods into the mainstream food market and the company is the industry leader supplying the Outback Spirit branded range of products to supermarkets nationally in Australia.

In 2000 Ian and Juleigh decided to formalise their relationships with the company’s Indigenous suppliers and established an ethical supply chain that also includes Coles Supermarkets as a partner. Coles philanthropic support of this supply chain through the contributions to the Coles Indigenous Food Fund has ensured that benefits from the sale of Outback Spirit products go back to the Aboriginal people who are developing their own enterprises based on native foods. Both Coles and Robins Foods contribute equally to the Coles Indigenous Food Fund.

Additionally Robins Foods established the Outback Spirit Foundation in 2008 and work closely with the Coles Indigenous Food Fund on projects at Community level. The Outback Spirit Foundation is a Public Benevolent entity and is managed  independently  from Robins Foods.


Juleigh Robins with Outback Spirit Supply Chain partners Ruth and Max Emery, Rainbow Valley , NT with the bush tomato crop.

Wholly Australian-owned and family-operated, we enjoy a unique position on the Aussie manufacturing landscape.

Juleigh Robins


Juleigh develops the companies strategic direction, business development and marketing both in Australia and overseas and is responsible for developing and managing the Outback Spirit supply chain , both with Indigenous growers and harvesters and with strategic partners such as Coles Supermarkets at the retail and marketing interfaces .

Juleigh is an accomplished cook and together with Ian has written three native food cookbooks – Wild Lime (1996 Allen & Unwin) and Wild Classics (2000 Allen & Unwin – with Ian Robins) and Wild Food  (2010 Lantern Books , a Viking Books imprint)

Ian Robins



Ian is an accomplished chef of many years standing and is our in- house brilliant product development guru and developer of all our Outback Spirit recipes. Ian has a passion for Indigenous foods and with 30 years experience working with these foods has an unsurpassed talent for making delicious gourmet products that make every home cook a star!

Anton Robins

Anton shares the family passion for Indigenous foods and the products we make. Anton is our Operations Manager and team leader in food safety and OH&S and is working closely with Juleigh on the company’s supply chain development.