Juleigh’s Wild Food Journal

Hi, I’m Juleigh, and together with Ian , we are of the founders of Outback Spirit and in this ‘occasional’  journal I want to share the stories of the people, the places, the provenance of our wild and cultivated native  ingredients, which are the true slow foods of our Australia.  There will be recipes too – simple ,everyday cooking using our products and wild food ingredients. Between Ian and I , we have a million ( well – maybe hundreds!) of recipes that we have developed over the years and I’m still experimenting!

Now more than ever , people are wanting to know where their food comes from , and what we do, as a company and as individuals,  is all about this – sourcing the foods that are indigenous to country, and doing it in partnership , wherever possible, with Aboriginal people, family groups or Communities. In fact Ian and I have been championing Australian produce in our products , both native and traditional, for over 25 years – I can’t believe it has been this long ! I love to cook with wild foods and  I’ve written three cook books about them – Wild Lime, Wild Classics (with Ian) and Wild Foods  and I don’t think there is any sort of recipe that Ian and I haven’t tried to put native food into.

It’s amazing to see the interest now in foraging ! For years I am sure many people thought that we were a little crazy heading out bush to seek out new native foods, so it is very encouraging to see other people appreciating what the land can offer – it really is bountiful if you know what to look for.

I do hope that  you enjoy your visit to my journal and find it interesting and come back soon


PS I’m not much of a photographer as you will see! But I am looking forward to learning how to do better as we go along – I am assuming that I will improve over time !!

Summer salads

  I simply love salads – I love that they’re fresh food, raw food, healthy and light but most of all I love them because they’re delicious! I’m always trying to come up with some new salad – well new to me anyway. And it’s so inspiring at the moment as there is so much […]

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Simple Muesli Muffins

  We’ve recently brought out a rather lovely range of very healthy and deliciously different mueslis with wild food flavours. I started playing around with the different varieties making traditional breakfast muesli, smoothie bowls and so forth and decided to see how they baked up in muffins . Well I must say – very well […]

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Pamper your Mum this Mother’s Day with these Recipes

We don’t need to tell you how special your Mother is. What we can do is provide a little inspiration for you to cook up a storm for her on Mother’s Day  🙂  For your cooking pleasure there are breakfast pancake recipes and a roast loin of pork recipe to follow BREAKFAST I don’t believe […]

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Wattleseed and Sour Cream (No Fail) Scones for Devonshire Tea

Sometimes its nice to drag out the family china and have some proper afternoon Devonshire Tea. I know , I know ! – life is so busy and who’s got time to be having a lazy, indugent afternoon of Devonshire tea !  Meeeeee I cry! The lovely, still warm and blue sky autumn afternoons have […]

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Easter cooking – try these easy recipes

Easter for our family is a time to get together for a few days – away from home and work to spend time with each other. We usually rent a house somewhere – this year it’s at the beach- and play old fashioned board games, go for walks and cook lots of lovely, easy food […]

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