Juleigh’s Wild Food Journal (Page 2)

Easter cooking – try these easy recipes

Easter for our family is a time to get together for a few days – away from home and work to spend time with each other. We usually rent a house somewhere – this year it’s at the beach- and play old fashioned board games, go for walks and cook lots of lovely, easy food […]

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Turkish Style Chicken, Pomegranate and Rice Pilaf – with Australian native flavours of course!!

Recently I had the great good fortune to visit Istanbul – something I have wanted to do since childhood! And I loved it – the chaos and the colour, the majesty of the Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sophia to the cacophony of the Grand Bazaar. I fell a lot in love with Istanbul and […]

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Festive Wine Club Dinner

  It was our turn to host our wine club’s quarterly wine dinner and as it was to be held in December we decided, of course, on a festive Christmas theme – with the inclusion of our gorgeous Australian native ingredients.  Our menu was comprised of six courses in order to to accomodate the various […]

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Travels around my garden

Just thought you’d like to know that my passion for native foods has taken over every aspect of my life including my garden Lol. We have a lovely traditional rambling sort of a garden near the bay and on very sandy soil. However , not to be daunted by such trivialities as climate and soils, […]

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The Wattle is Blooming

Wattle blossom is the harbinger of spring and the trees around here are beginning to bloom and it’s such a lovely thing to see these glorious yellow bursts of colour when we’ve become used to the sort of drabness that comes with winter. Which of course tends to focus my mind on wattleseed and all […]

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