Lemon Myrtle Herb Tin

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Lemon Myrtle herb is the dried and ground leaves of the Lemon Myrtle tree from the eastern tropical rainforests. The leaves are intensely citrus flavoured and fragrant and lemon myrtle is ideal with fish, seafood and white meats as well as many desserts.

Try mixing it through yoghurt or sour cream or even mayonnaise for a lovely tangy accompaniment. Lemon Myrtle can be applied to most meat, fish and poultry cuts.

For example, they may be used for fillets, roasts, rolled chicken loin, drumsticks, wings, kebabs. Sprinkle lemon myrtle onto meat, fish or poultry portion, add to soups, sauces or used in ragouts (stews) to enhance flavour and it is suitable for vegetarian dishes.


100% Lemon Myrtle

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