Nutty Booster Muesli 350g

Pack of 1 $9.50


33% Ancient Grains and Seeds

18% Nuts

Fruit Free

Australian Superfood Macadamia Nut


We have carefully crafted this Nutty Booster Muesli to bring you the most delicious way to enjoy a healthy superfood breakfast with the added awesomeness of Native Australian Ingredients.

What a super Nutty Booster Muesli – Macadamias, almonds, cashews and hazelnuts star in this crunchy yet natural muesli. There’s no fruit – but there are heaps of wonderful ancient grains and seeds together with oat and bran goodness,

Serve with your favourite juice or milk / mylk for a super start to your day. But don’t limit yourself – try this lovely muesli sprinkled on your favourite breakfast cereal, or use it to make a delicious porridge, add to smoothies and fruit bowls or bake in muffins and biscuits.

This muesli has no added preservatives, sugar or salt and is wheat and free.



Oats, cashews, buckwheat, linseed, sunflower seeds, bran, sesame seeds, almond, hazelnut, macadamia nut (2%), chia, quinoa, cinnamon

Contains Allergens: Tree Nut, Sesame.

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