Summer salads


I simply love salads – I love that they’re fresh food, raw food, healthy and light but most of all I love them because they’re delicious! I’m always trying to come up with some new salad – well new to me anyway. And it’s so inspiring at the moment as there is so much interest in fresh food – instagram just leaves me breathless sometimes! I think I’m going to have to embrace the smoothie thing just to try some of the amazing combinations- but right now for me, its all about salad 🙂

Apart from all the great native ingredients I have , I also grow lots of fresh traditional herbs and native herbs that I use a lot in my salad making.  While I love trying new salads my kids are lovers of potato salad – I daren’t have a BBQ without this staple! Here are four of my favourite salad recipes – easy and delicious and all featuring at least one of our gorgeous native food products.

Thai Style Mango &  Lemon Myrtle Salad

Thai Style Mango and Coconut Salad with Lemon Myrtle

This time of year is mango time and how luscious they are. And mango teamed with lemon myrtle and Thai flavours is an unbeatable combination. This is an easy salad to make , yet everytime I make it my friends love it and it’s the first thing they request when taking a salad to a BBQ or whatever. So simple and so yum 🙂

  • 4 firm unripe mangoes if posible – but really, ripe mangoes are just as delicious – diced
  • 1/2 cup shredded coconut
  • 1/2 packet of fresh bean sprouts
  • 4 spring onions, trimmed and finely sliced
  • 1/2 cup chopped coriander
  • 1/2 cup chopped basil
  • 1 tablespoon Outback Spirit lemon myrtle
  • 1 fresh red chilli finely sliced- optional


  • 4 tablespoons fish sauce
  • 2 tablespoons soy sauce
  • 1/4 cup fresh lime juice
  • 1 teaspoon Outback Spirit lemon myrtle
  • 1-2 teaspoons Outback Spirit Kakadu Plum Chilli Sauce or chilli sauce
  • 1 teaspoon crushed garlic

Place all ingredients (except the nuts and the dressing ingredients) into a bowl and toss well together – it’s that simple 🙂

Whisk together the dressing ingredients and toss with the salad just before serving.

Garnish with the chopped nuts and a scattering of herbs

Salad Caprese with Mountain Pepper  and Anisata

Classic Caprese Salad with Mountain Pepper and Anisata

This is a classic Italian salad using the most beautiful, the freshest, reddest, ripest tomatoes with fresh buffalo mozzarella and herbs.

  • 5-6 large ripe tomatoes
  • fresh mozzarella cheese – fresh buffalo mozzarella is the most delicious if you can find it
  • bunch of basil
  • Outback Spirit Mountain Pepper to taste ( approx 1 teaspoon)
  • Outback Spirit Wild Herb Salt
  • Outback Spirit Anisata to taste (approx 1 teaspoon)
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • balsamic vinegar

Simply slice the tomatoes and lay on a large serving plate.

Tear the mozzarella (if in large balls) or place individual balls of mozzarella bocconcini  evenly over the sliced tomatoes.

Season generously with the Mountain Pepper, Wild herb salt and Anisata

Scatter the basil leaves whole (if small) or tear to size and drizzle generously with your favourite Extra Virgin  Olive Oil.

drizzle a little balsamic vinegar also if desired

Fig, Fetta and Pomegranate Salad with Wild Rosella and Pepperberry Syrup

Fig Fetta and Pomegranate Salad with Wild Rosella and pepperberry Syrup

If you love figs as much as I do, you’ll agree that this is the ultimate summer salad. In addition to the sublime flavours I also adore the beautiful colours in this dish- the deep red and pinks of the figs,  pomegranate  and syrup against the light green of the witlof and cheese.I’m fortunate that I have rather a large fig tree that fruits from mid summer to autumn so there’s no shortage of luscious figs to make this salad.  I developed the syrup for this salad as a local version/replacement of Pomegranate molasses.This is a stand alone salad so it’s also perfect for a light entree or lunch dish.

180g of marinated fetta, drained and roughly chopped or torn (I like to use Greek style marinated Fetta or the local marinated Persian Fetta)

1 teaspoon Outback Spirit Mountain Pepper

2 green witlof (sometimes marketed as chickory)

handful rocket leaves

8 ripe figs, halved

1 pomegranate

freshly ground black pepper

For the Syrup

1 cup water

2 cups castor sugar

4 cups Wild Rosella ( I used frozen fruit – you could substitute 2 cups rhubarb and 2 cups raspberries)

10 pepperberries (I used frozen) , roughly chopped ( there really is nothing like the flavour of pepper berries but you could add in some coarsely cracked black pepper and a little Shochuan Pepper)

Place the water and sugar in a small heavy-based saucepan and bring to the boil, without stirring.

Add the chopped Wild Rosella and Pepperberries.

Reduce the heat and simmer gently until the volume has reduced by a third. Take the pan off the heat and simmer gently until the volume reduces by a third.

Take the pan off the heating strain the syrup through a fine sieve – it should be perfectly clear. As it cools it will become thicker. The syrup will keep for a few months in a sealed bottle or jar in the refrigerator.


Mix together the fetta and the Mountain Pepper (dried herb) and leave to infuse for at least 20 minutes.

Pull apart the witlof, rinse and pat dry. Arrange on a serving plates (or plates), add the rocket and the fetta and fig halves and very gently toss together.

Cut the pomegranate in half, from top to bottom, and carefully remove the seeds from one quarter . Reserve the rest for another use.  Scatter the seeds over the salad and season lightly with the ground pepper.

Drizzle that gorgeous syrup over the salad, ensuring a little dresses each fig, and serve.

Creamy Garlic and Pepperleaf Potato Salad

Creamy Garlic and Pepperleaf Potato Salad


This is the potato salad I make year after year! It’s just a basic potato salad but the inclusion of our Creamy Garlic and Pepperleaf Dressing adds a deliciously subtle flavour.

2 kg baby kipfler (or Desiree) potatoes, cut in halves or quarters depending on size

6 hrs boiled eggs, peeled and cut into quarters

1 teaspoon Outback Spirit Wild herb Salt

ground black pepper

4 spring onions, sliced finely

1/4 salad onion , diced finely

275 g whole egg mayonnaise

150ml Outback Spirit Creamy Garlic Pepperleaf Dressing

1 garlic clove, crushed and chopped finely

Fresh chopped mint to taste

Bring enough water to cook the potatoes to the boil and cook until the potatoes are tender and let cool.

Place in a large mixing bowl the potatoes, the boiled eggs, chopped mint and chopped onions and season with the Wild Herb Salt.

In a small bowl whisk together well the mayonnaise the Creamy Garlic and pepper leaf Dressing and the chopped garlic and fold gently through the potato mix and garnish with a little chopped mint and serve.