Get a Free BBQ Rub!!

Want to try one of our new BBQ Rubs for free?? All you have to do is buy 2 Outback Spirit products from any store, such as Coles, IGA, Drakes, Romeos, Oxfam etc and email us your receipt and we’ll send you out a BBQ Rub in the mail! Easy! Email your receipt to [email protected] […]

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New Infused Seasoning Salt Bags

Try one of our great new resealable infused seasoning salt bags!

Delicious Recipes!

We have a heap of great recipes for you to try featuring all your favourite Outback Spirit products -

Like this fantastic Roast Loin of Pork with Wild Herb Salt Crackle!!

Have look and give one a try!

Pasta Sauces - Limited Time Only!

Try our delicious Pasta Sauces - available for a limited time only!