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Finger Lime Superfruit Powder
Finger Lime Superfruit Powder
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Finger Lime Superfruit Powder

Serving size: 1/4 teaspoon (approx 2gm)
Servings per pack approx 15
Ingredients: 100% pure Finger Lime Concentrated Fruit Powder -blush pink colour
Hand Harvested, Gluten Free, No Sugar Added, Plant Based, Non GMO

Provenance - Finger Limes are from a rainforest species found in the rainforest regions of Northern NSW and Queensland .

Culinary use  
Finger Limes contain gorgeous juicy pearls of flesh and are often referred to as Finger Lime Caviar.  When ripe, each finger lime fruit contains hundreds of caviar-sized pearls that, under pressure from the outer skin which, like actual caviar, "pop" when you bite or cut into them. As access to fresh Finger Limes is growing, but still very limited, we have freeze-dried the fruit into a beautiful Finger Lime powder and all the goodness has been preserved in this process.

Finger limes have a lovely fresh lime sherbet flavour are perfect when paired with seafood and they provide a unique accent in cocktails, salads, and desserts.  Add to a smoothie for extra goodness. Sprinkle a little over your breakfast yoghurt and fruit try it with muesli or sprinkle over porridge.

Sprinkle over tacos, grain bowls, tofu, green salads, fruit salads, or sprinkled over sliced avocado or melons and served as a snack. 

You can add it to a fresh seafood ceviche where it's perfect tartness helps pickle the fish while adding its tangy deliciousness or sprinkle over a fresh prawn and watermelon salad for a zesty difference. Try sprinkled over grilled salmon, fresh oysters, seared scallops, and sushi and sashimi.

This tart and tangy flavour is beautiful sprinkled over cakes or add to cream, its wonderful in creamy desserts like panna cotta or ice-cream. Or just a little sprinkle over the top as it looks pretty, tastes great and is good for you! Rim the edge of your cocktail glass with Finger Lime Superfruit Powder and add a zesty sparkle to gin, vodka and white rum cocktails such as mojitos and  margaritas and don't forget martinis, and gin fizz or you can simply rim the glass in Finger Lime Superfruit Powder.

Click here for recipes ideas

Health Benefits
The fruit of a rare rainforest tree, the finger lime has been a valuable source of food and medicine for Indigenous Australians for thousands of years and was eaten for its delicious taste as well as being a great source of Vitamin C , Vitamin E and Vitamin A. all of which are important antioxidants for cell repair and protection. Finger Limes also rich in folate and potassium. 

 The small fruits were originally used by Indigenous Australians as a fruit that they would pick and eat as they moved around their Country. They were valued for their taste, and of course they delivered nutritional benefits. The pulp was also used as part of the pharmacopoeia as the pearls were also used for medicinal purposes to ward off sickness and were applied topically as an antiseptic.

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Storing Finger Lime Superfruit Powder

It is best kept in a dark place, such as inside a cupboard to mitigate the effects of oxidisation from light. This is not harmful but will cause the powder to discolour and lose some of their  Phyto-chemical activity.

Product highlights:  contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and gluten free, suitable for vegans.

Supports the Outback Sprit Foundation  - an ethical supply chain assures consumers products have authenticity and integrity, supporting a network of suppliers within traditional indigenous communities.

Carbon Neutral Delivery via Sendle- supporting Tasmania's forests



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