Native Herb Infused Sea Salts and Dukkahs

From Country to plate - from our kitchen to yours.

Infused Salts

Our Salt products are made with sea salt from salt flats from Northern Queensland, and infused with lovely Australian native herbs - featuring Mountain Pepperleaf  and Pepperberry in the Tasmanian Pepper Salt and an addictive and piquant blend of Australian native wild herbs including Anisata, Rivermint and spicy Mountain Pepperleaf.

Native herb Dukkahs

Our exciting range of native herb infused Dukkahs will delight your tastebuds.  Elevate your dining experience with a mouthwatering appetizer, pairing our Dukkahs with freshly baked bread and drizzles of olive oil.But don't stop there! Dukkah can be added to Panko breadcrumbs to provide flavour and texture when coating meat, fish or vegetables, sprinkle Dukkah liberally over a salad, top your favourite dip ( we love these on hummus, beetroot dip and guacamole) with your favourite Dukkah and a little olive oil . So many ways to add flavour and texture to your dishes.