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Blood Lime Flakes 30g (dried)
Blood Lime Flakes 30g (dried)
Blood Lime Flakes 30g (dried)
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Blood Lime Flakes 30g (dried)

Serving size: 1 teaspoon approx 2gm
                    1  dessertspoon  approx  4 gm
                    1 tablespoon approx 7 gm
Servings per pack approx 15
Ingredients: 100% pure , dried Blood Lime Flakes
Hand Harvested, Gluten Free, No Sugar Added, Plant Based, Non GMO
Provenance -  this gorgeous fruit is from plantations in Western Australia and NSW.

Scientific or Latin Name: Citrus australasica 


The Australian Blood Lime (also known as Red Centre Lime) smaller than most limes, approximately 4 cm (1.6 in) long by 2 cm (0.79 in) diameter, and somewhat more sweet than the standard. It is egg-shaped and the flesh inside a blood lime is composed of red-orange vesicles (the membranes that hold the juicy flesh). The skin is very thin and can be eaten with the fruit. It is usually red or burgundy coloured.

The Blood Lime is actually a cross between the red finger lime (Citrus australasica var. sanguinea) and a mandarin species and was originally developed by the CSIRO.

The fruit has a beautiful taste - almost like a blood orange but with a little extra lime tartness coming through.

As with most native fruits, they are very seasonal and we have made a fantastic dried flake from the fruit which has an intense flavour. It is ideal for incorporating into baked products, or in a marmalade or incorporated into a seasoning for poultry , pork or fish and seafood. The deliciously tart sweet/sour flavour of the Blood Lime makes it a perfect ingredient to add to Asian style dishes - so delicious!

Health Benefits 

The Blood Lime, as a hybrid, is relatively new and there is not as much research available about it. What we do know is that the fruit has high levels of antioxidants  

Storing Australian Blood Lime Flakes

The dried flakes must be kept airtight so as to not absorb moisture from the air.

It is best kept in a dark place, such as inside a cupboard to mitigate the effects of oxidisation from light. This is not harmful but will cause the flakes to discolour and lose some of their  phyto-chemical activity.

Product highlights:  contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and gluten free, suitable for vegans.

Supports the Outback Sprit Foundation  - an ethical supply chain assures consumers products have authenticity and integrity, supporting a network of suppliers within traditional indigenous communities.

Carbon Neutral Delivery via Sendle- supporting Tasmania's forests



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