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Kakadu Plum from the Dampier Peninsula in Far North West W.A. Wild harvested for Outback Spirit from this pristine wilderness region. Our Kakadu Plums are also wild harvested from West Arnhem and across the Top End region
Kakadu Plums - Perfect little powerhouses of Vitamin C and active antioxidants
Kakadu Plum Superfruit Powder 30g
Gorgeous Green Smoothie with Kakadu Plum Superfruit Powder
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Kakadu Plum Superfruit Powder 30g

Kakadu Plum has a lovely flavour but its nutrient power is amazing!

Serving size: 1/4 teaspoon (approx 2gm)
Servings per pack approx 15
Ingredients: 100% pure Kakadu Plum Concentrated Fruit Powder , with no seed material
Wild Harvested, Gluten Free, No Sugar Added, Plant Based, Non GMO

Provenance - Kakadu Plum grows from the West Kimberly, across the Top End and as far east as Arnhem Land in thickly wooded coastal woodlands.

Culinary use

Kakadu Plum has a delicate, pleasingly acidic and refreshing flavour with a light citrus aftertaste and care needs to be taken not to swamp it with stronger flavours.  And as this is a freeze dried powder be judicious with how much you use as this is the fruit in its most concentrated form.

Sprinkle over freshly grilled fish or seafood. Sprinkle over salads, add to mayonnaise or to dressings.

Dust  fresh cut fruits, such as peaches and nectarines, berried, pears and apples and use in desserts such as panna cotta, or crème brulee or in a crème anglais. Make a lovely Kakadu Plum and Pear Sorbet - so easy.  But it's even better to add the benefits of Kakadu Plum Powder to your breakfast bowl of fresh fruit and yoghurt, over porridge or muesli and most certainly add to a smoothie !

Health Benefits of Kakadu Plum fruit

Kakadu Plum Freeze-dried Powder is a true Australian superfruit and superfood as it is just jam packed with nutrients.

  • Kakadu Plum has the highest fruit content of Vitamin C of all fruits, tested world wide to date. What a huge claim but it's true! Testing has indicated that the Kakadu Plum has over 3200mg of Vitamin C per 100g fruit, which is far in excess of traditional sources of Vitamin C such as citrus or blueberry. 
  • If you were to eat only 100gm of Kakadu Plum fruit (no stones!) you would be ingesting 3200% of the average daily value of Vitamin C! 
  •  Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that supports the immune system, cognition, collagen synthesis, iron absorption, and heart health.
  • Freeze-drying allows us to keep all of the nutrients in a concentrated shelf stable form.
  • Just 1 gm of freeze-dried Kakadu Plum will provide you with at least the same amount found in an entire orange - about 50mg Vitamin C per 100g orange.
  • Kakadu Plums have extraordinarily high levels of active antioxidants . Antioxidants in Kakadu Plums include gallic acid, ellagic acid, flavonoids and carotenoids- it really is a powerhouse for fighting off free radials and assisting our immune system - now more important than ever
  • If that wasn't enough, Kakadu Plum is a very high fruit source of lutein which assists eye health and helps protect our eyes from the effects of blue light that we are exposed to from our computers and devices.
  • Kakadu Plum antioxidants act as an anti-inflammatory 
  • Kakadu Plum is also a fruit source of essential minerals including copper, iron, zinc, magnesium and also calcium. And Kakadu Plum helps the absorption of iron and other minerals in our bodies.

Phew- it's a lot! 

So a very little Kakadu Plum goes a very long way! 

Storing Kakadu Plum Powder

Always make sure you reseal this pouch after using or store in a sealed container as the freeze-dried fruit will react to moisture in the air. Best to keep this in a cupboard away from the light to avoid oxidation and reduction of the nutrients.

Product highlights:  contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and gluten free, suitable for vegans.

Supports the Outback Sprit Foundation  - an ethical supply chain assures consumers products have authenticity and integrity, supporting a network of suppliers within traditional indigenous communities.

Carbon Neutral Delivery via Sendle- supporting Tasmania's forests



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