Celebrating Ripannleigh Farm - a member of the Outback Spirit Foundation supply chain

We are so pleased to welcome Ripannleigh Farm as future suppliers to Outback Spirit and congratulate them on becoming the Outback Spirit Foundation's newest project!  Ann Rowe and her partner/husband Leigh Shilton have been hard at work at their property at Tyntynder - about 20 minutes out of Swan Hill. and turning it into a native food oasis in the midst of wheat and sheep country.  And what a beautiful farm it is! Turning in any direction will bring you face to face with bush tomato plants, saltbush, wild limes, finger limes, watteseed - and the list goes on - and all beautifully tended by Ann and Leigh.
Ann is the daughter of a stolen generations Mother and did not know of her Indigenous Australian heritage  until she had reached adulthood. Since then her heart yearned to live in her country and get closer to her culture through the cultivation and care of the Indigenous foods of the area- plus a few more for fun!
The Outback Spirit Foundation was honoured to visit @Ann Rowe and her partner Leigh at their Ripannleigh Farm, on the outskirts of Swan Hill in the far north west of Victoria, over summer and in the midst of a freezing week it seems like a perfect time to remind us all that sunnier days are ahead of us, having passed the winter solstice!
These images above,cshow their young bush tomato plantation that has developed and yielded some wonderful fruit , packed in trays and it is early days yet for this enterprising couple.
Apart from Bush Tomatoes, Ann and Leigh have a large orchard of wattle, saltbush and many others.
Ann is a great cook and she has developed two delicious rubs - one for beef and the other for pork but you can let your imagination go wild and try them with pumpkin, cauliflower and any other robust meat or vegetable. They sit under the Boorangie brand and this enterprising couple have many others planned!  Please drop Ann an email at ripannleighfarm@gmail.com if you'd like to purchase her herb seasoning blends.
The Foundation is working on refreshing and updating our website and we hope you will se much more of Ripannleigh Farm !
In the meantime have a go at making Ann's fabulous Saltbush Damper,The recipe is on our Recipe Blog - look up Saltbush on the right hand menus or simply click here  Saltbush can be found here   We have two other farms in South Australia growing our saltbush and we look forward to adding Ripannleigh Farm as a supplier of saltbush and more! 

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