Australian Native Ingredients

The beautiful Indigenous ingredients we use in our products and sell as pure herbs are sourced from pristine wilderness regions from the Top End, from the Kimberley to Arnhem Land and  from the vast Central Desert to the rainforest, alpine and temperate regions across the country. We are committed to the environmentally sustainable growth of the native food industry and to increasing and supporting Indigenous Australian participation in the agricultural sector and in the native food industry overall.
The range of Indigenous foods we use is certainly not exhaustive. From a culinary and nutritional perspective we have just begun to delve into the possibilities. But no matter how delicious some of our Indigenous foods may be, it is pointless to offer ingredients that are unobtainable as the supply chains required to grow and harvest may not yet exist or is in an early stage of development. We want to offer our customers a consistent supply of high quality Indigenous ingredients and products and we will continue to work with our supply partners to bring you these beautiful products and foods. A glossary of our Indigenous ingredients follows - just scroll down the page and the individual plants are listed . Just click on the plant/ingredients that interests you. We are adding to our glossary as we progress.
We have used the commonly known name in this glossary and have identified Indigenous names where we know them. If you know of other Indigenous language names for these ingredients please let us know the name, the language and the Country, by email and we will include this information. As there are so many Indigenous language names for these plants and they vary from nation to nation, language to language, we have, with the greatest respect used as our headline name, the most commonly known name that is in the marketplace for ease of identification.

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