Wax Flower

Provenance and the Plant
 Geraldton Wax Flower is from the Geraldton Wax species Chamelaucium Uncinatum,  and is endemic to Western Australia and is thought to only occur naturally on the coastal Quindalup dunes between Perth and Geraldton. The native shrub produces a proliferation of waxy white and pink flowers from late winter to spring and is prized for its culinary uses and as a cut flower.
Our Geraldton Wax comes from Western Australia.
Culinary use
This lovely powder has a delicate zesty, citrus tang,  a flavour similar to a more gentle lemongrass, lemon myrtle or kaffir lime with a slight hint of pine.
It is perfect in desserts as a flavoursome garnish to sprinkle over a vanilla panna cotta, gorgeous over a lemon curd tart  or add sparkle to a simple berry salad.
It's great in baking too and you could add to a shortbread biscuits or a sweet shortcrust pastry
Health Benefits
Unknown at this time 

Storing wax Flower Superfruit Powder

This must be kept airtight so as to not absorb moisture from the air.

It is best kept in a dark place, such as inside a cupboard to mitigate the effects of oxidisation from light. This is not harmful but will cause the flakes to discolour and lose some of their  phyto-chemical activity.

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