Wattleseed Atholl Brose

Atholl Brose is a lovely and very traditional Scottish cocktail. In fact according to Sean Murphey Food and Drink Writer from The Scotsman newspaper

"The first official recipe for Atholl Brose was recorded in 1475, when Iain MacDonald, the Lord of the Isles was leading a rebellion against the king. The Earl of Atholl, who had been dispatched to capture the errant chieftan, discovered that MacDonald regularly used a well near where the rebels were said to be encamped.
The Earl ordered his scouts to stealthily fill the well with whisky, oats and honey (perhaps Atholl himself took inspiration from Dougal's story). When MacDonald and his troops stopped to use the well, the recipe was so delicious they tarried there and were captured by Atholl's troops."

What a wonderful story about gaining an advantage by creating a wonderful acoholic diversion! Make Athol Brose not war!!

We have made this one of our favourite tipples by adding Wattleseed Syrup to the mix. Wattleseed is fantastic with dairy (check :) ) and with honey (check :) ) and of course with whisky! This is so delicious you will add it to your repertoire immediately!

makes about 750ml or 3 cups 

  • 350ml (approx 1/2 bottle of Scotch whisky [A decent blend will do])
  • 150g of oatmeal (about half a handful)
  • 250 ml of runny cream or use a nut milk substitute if desired
  • 200g of clear floral honey (not too strong eg. don't use Leatherwood)
  • 100ml Wattleseed Syrup ( or add 1 tablespoon Wattleseed to the oats -see note below)  https://www.outbackspirit.com.au/blogs/recipes/sweet-wattleseed-syrup

Combine the oats and whiskey in a shallow bowl and rest in the refrigerator for a few hours or even overnight

Using a fine strainer, separate into a bowl the oat flavoured whisky from the oats. You can discard the oats but we think it better to make a truly decadent porridge with them or some oatmeal cookies.

Add the cream and stir. Whisk in the honey and the Wattleseed syrup.

We like to then shake this mix , some at a time, in a cocktail shaker, over ice. 

Serve chilled (as is ) or over ice.

You can make this ahead and if kept sealed in the refrigerator it will keep up to a week.

NOTE an alternative way to make this would be to soften 1 tablespoon wattleseed with 2 tablespoons boiling water and add to the oats before the whiskey is added.


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