Wild Herb Tomato Chutney and Creamed Cheese Dip

This is a super simple way to create a dip in a hurry and is perfect when you have unexpected visitors or just at any old time at all. Our Wild Herb Tomato Chutney is a rich tomato country style chutney, like your Nan used to make, except it is seasoned with Mountain Pepper from the sub-alpine hills of Tasmania and Victoria and with Lemon Myrtle from the East Coast sub-tropical rainforest regions of NSW and Queensland.. It is truly delicious and makes such a great little dip with creamed cheese

1 x 250g Creamed Cheese in a tub

approx 1/3-1/2 jar Wild Herb Tomato Chutney (depends on you)

chopped herbs to garnish

corn chips (or what you prefer) 


This is hardly a recipe - that's how simple it is:

Turn a tub of Cream Cheese out onto a serving plate.

Spoon over the cheese a good amount of Wild Herb Tomato Chutney over the top of the cheese, enough so that is draped down over the cheese4

Garnish with some fresh chopped herbs - we used Vietnamese Mint .

place Corn Chips around the cheese dip and serve.

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