Anisata and Honey Ricotta Puddings

This is such an easy and yet stunning dessert to make   at any time through the year. Serve simply with berries and a little extra honey if desired. You can substitute the berries for the figs or peaches in summer.  We make these in a dariole mould, but any smallish cup or bowl will do.

 Serves 4

300g ricotta cheese

100g marscapone

½ teaspoon ground anisata ( also known as aniseed myrtle)

2 tablespoons leatherwood honey

Muslin or clean porous material like cheesecloth

Fresh ripe figs or berries

Extra honey to drizzle

Extra aniseed myrtle to sprinkle


In a bowl mix together the ricotta and mascarpone cheeses with the aniseed myrtle and honey. You may need to slightly warm the honey first so that it will blend in evenly.

Line each mould smoothly with the muslin and spoon the cheese mixture in ensuring all ‘corners’ are filled. Smooth the surface and make sure they are even.

 Cover the mold and refrigerate overnight to set.

 To serve, carefully remove the puddings from the mould and place gently flat surface down on the serving plates.

  Sprinkle very sparingly with additional aniseed myrtle. Remember this is a very intense flavoured herb and a tiny amount will add a lot of flavour.Add berries and drizzle with honey - yum!


Scatter berries or figs and drizzle a little extra honey over the top – stunning flavours!


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