Beef and Watercress Open Sandwich with Mango & Rivermint Relish

Scandi style Open Sandwiches are so fashionable at the moment and like most Scandi  influences (we're looking at you Scandi Noir fiction and TV series ) they are good!

There are three styles of Open Sandwiches (known as Smørrebrød in Denmark and Smörgås is Sweden - and a Smørrebrod or Smörgåsbord is simply a selection of open sandwiches to serve a family or a group and this is totally different from what we know as a Smorgasboard in Australia. Two styles of Open Sandwiches in Scandinavia are on large pieces of dark Ryebread and are to be eaten with a knife and fork..The third style , which is more the style we are used to, are smaller and can be on different breads and are simple in presentation.and may be held in the hand to eat or with a knife and fork. So many rules!

Our Open Sandwiches don't have these rules and you can put what you like on them. This rather delicious Beef and Watercress Open Sandwich with Mango & Rivermint Relish is very easy and quick to make and sometimes that's all a recipe needs to be - especially for lunch or brunch.

Serves 4

1 Turkish bread, cut into 4

Butter at room temperature

½ bunch watercress,

250 g tub creamed cheese

12 slices roast beef

4 boiled eggs, sliced into 4

Cracked black pepper

½ red salad onion, sliced

Outback Spirit Provenance Mango Rivermint Mint Chutney


Spread the Turkish bread with the creamed cheese. Top with the watercress, roast beef, 4 slices of boiled egg seasoned with the pepper, the onion slices and dollop generously with Outback Spirit Mango Rivermint chutney



copyright Juleigh Robins

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