Grilled Peach and Prawn Salad - Cajun Style

The crazy, lazy, hazy days of summer is the perfect time to make this delightful salad which is a simple melange of white peaches (although any kind is fine) prawns, lemon, mint and our Aromatic Anisata Cajun Spiced Rub. We applied the Spiced Rub to the prawns and peaches about 30 minutes before grilling on the BBQ. You can use a grill pan or even just a frying pan, if you wish..


To serve 4


4-5 cleaned prawns per person

3 peaches (depending on size) sliced

1 Salad onion, finely diced

Aromatic Anisata Cajun Spiced Rub, to taste (This rub is spicy so best to use some restraint)

1/4 cup vietnamese mint (or mint)

1/4 cup coriander

2 lemons

a little salt, and pepper to taste (you wont need much)

olive oil  for grill

a little olive oil for dressing


Apply approx 20 gms each of the Aromatic Anisata Cajun Spiced Rub, to the prawns and to the sliced peaches. Place these in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to marinate.

During this time, dice the onion finely and chop the fresh herbs.Slice one lemon into 8 wedges and juice the other lemon.

After 30 minutes preheat the BBQ or grill pan and brush with olive oil.

Grill the prawns, a couple of minutes each side, until they turn completely pink and then the peaches and wipe down the grill with kitchen paper between batches and re-apply a little oil. 

Grill one side of the peaches and when turning them face them the opposite way , to get that attractive criss cross effect from the grill.

When the grilling is completed combine the grilled prawns and peaches in a large bowl with the other ingredients, except the lemon juice.. Toss everything well together and if you have made this ahead place the salad in the fridge until you are ready to dress it. It may be eaten warm, also.

Whisk the lemon juice and olive oil together and add salt and peeper and a touch of mustard to help emulsify it a little. Use your judgement as to how much lemon juice is needed, based on the size and juiciness of the fruit - ideally half lemon juice and half olive oil and a light application to the salad..








copyright Juleigh Robins





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