Lemon Aspen Coconut Panna Cotta

Panna Cotta is a delicate, creamy dessert that is just so simple to make yet looks so elegant. A perfect dessert after a meal as it is light and delicious. This version uses coconut cream and lemon Aspen for a lighter, tropical taste. Dress it up with your favourite fruit.

Serves 6

250ml double (heavy) cream

400 ml Can of coconut cream

2 tablespoons honey

1 heaped tablespoon (approx 8 g) Lemon Aspen Superfruit Powder

8 g gelatine  leaf   (or powder if leaf is unavailable)

60ml water

pinch salt

If using leaf gelatin, place the gelatine in a bowl with cold water and allow to completely soften, When ready to use squeeze the gelatine to remove excess water and and then it is ready to add to the cream.

If using powdered gelatine, use hot water and sprinkle the gelatine into the water and using a fork whisk it through. Wait until the mix becomes clear before adding to the cream

Prepare the ramekins or dariole moulds or cups buy greasing with a light vegetable oil.

In a medium sized saucepan heat the cream, coconut milk, honey and salt  but don't let it come to a boil. Remove from the heat. Add a little of the heated cream mix to the prepared gelatine and whisk through. This allows the gelatine to come to the temperature of the cream and won't form tiny lumps when added. It's a worthwhile step as the panna cotta must be gloriously smooth and delicate to eat - no little bits of gelatine allowed. Add the warmed gelatine and the Lemon Aspen Superfruit Powder to the heated cream and gently whisk through so both are fully incorporated and without making bubbles - no rapid whisking.

Check that the gelatine is completely dissolved ( a quick tatse test to check the texture). If needed, return the mixture to low heat. 

Using a fine-mesh sieve to ensure the silkiest texture, pour the panna cotta mixture into the prepared moulds and refrigerate for a minimum of 5 hours, and preferably overnight. Unmold to a plate by dipping the ramekin halfway through in a bowl filled with hot water. Leave it like that for 10-15 seconds, remove from the bowl, put the plate on top and turn it upside down. Give it a little shake to let loose. Return to water if it's not sliding out or run the knife around the edges.

You can certainly fill glasses or small ramekins with the panna cotta mix and serve in the mould if you prefer.

Serve with fresh fruit such as passionfruit, figs, pineapple, kiwis, strawberries macerated with some sugar (to let the juices), fruit sauces or coulis = the options are endless! We've had a lovely time glaceeing the Lemon Aspen fruit and using luscious pink Finger Lime pearls to garnish ours with slices of fig from our tree.

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