Spicy Pepperleaf Pulled Pork

Provenance: In our very special Spicy Pulled Pork Spiced Rub, we feature the hot, spicy and aromatic Pepperleaf is the leaf from the Mountain Pepper tree that grows in the South East of Victoria's alpine and sub-Alpine regions and in the Alpine and Sub-Alpine regions of Tasmania. Our Pepperleaf is sustainably grown in bio-diverse plantations

This fantastic Spiced Rub infused with Mountain Pepperleaf  is just so , so  perfect for pulled pork, but can be used on meat of any kind.


4 kg boned pork shoulder

1 pack (100g) or more of Spicy Pepperleaf Pulled Pork Spiced Rub


The trick with a good pulled pork is to massage the rub well into the pork and allow to rest , covered in the refrigerator, for at least one hour and up to 24 hours before slowly cooking until the meat falls from the bone.

The best Pulled Pork is a very slow process- usually about 8 hours at the most at 107C for approximately 8 hours, or until the pork’s internal temperature hits 95C. While this sounds a low temperature the extended cooking period makes this safe to eat. Once the pork is cooked to this stage, just take two forks and shred the seasoned pork to be used in so many delicious, mouth-watering ways- perfect to serve as a slider with some home made coleslaw. 

This is a  two chilli heat - medium Spiced Rub

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